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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion ~every single day.




Obama selfies are the best selfies

can he be the president of the world

oh bama ily


can you even sue the president like what if you tried to sue obama and you just got a letter back saying “no” and he came to your house and did the worm

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It looks like President Obama will address election reform during the State Of The Union tomorrow night. Michelle Obama has invited this 102-year-old North Miami woman who had to wait in line for three hours to vote.

Photo via Miami Herald.

My suggested wording: “This 102 year-old woman had to wait in line for three hours, because Republicans were afraid of the way she might vote.

“You dicks out there in this chamber proud of that?”


Today In Black History: February 6, 1990 - Harvard student Barack Obama becomes the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review; this role is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School.

In 2010, third-year Harvard Law student and Review editor Stephanie Grace circulated an email that began “I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent.” The email was forwarded to the entire Black Law Students’ Association.

The Harvard Law School has been described as a “racist breeding ground,” and Stephanie Grace’s email represents just one of many more incidents that still contribute to a hostile climate for students of color at Harvard Law and other college campuses nationwide.

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Photojournalist Spends Month In Oval Office Blind To Capture Images Of Obama In Natural Habitat: Full Story

- President Barack Obama (via demnewswire)
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President Obama gives Mitt Romney a new nickname

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If President Obama Pledged a Sorority

Delta Gamma Obama

Our President is hilarious.





obama would’ve jumped from that helicopter 

obama would’ve piloted that helicopter and crashed it into the olympic field, only to emerge proud and unscathed from the rubble as an eagle landed on his shoulder

caw caw motherfucker

the Queen wouldn’t have survived the jump with Bond, she’s nearly 100years old… guize…

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President Barack Obama is creating a new office to bolster education of African-American students.

The White House says the office will coordinate the work of communities and federal agencies to ensure that African-American youngsters are better prepared for high school, college and career.

Obama is announcing his election-year initiative Wednesday night in a speech to the civil rights group the National Urban League as he seeks to rally Black voters. Aides say his executive order, to be signed Thursday, will set a goal of producing “a more effective continuum” of programs for African-American students.