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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion ~every single day.


Greatest weakness? It’s possible that I’m a little too awesome. - Barack Obama

How could anyone not vote for this man?! 

…is Romney in the room?

hello there sir pleasure to meet you

*next guy*

whats gucci my nigga


Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign unleashed new attacks on President Barack Obama Tuesday, with one of Romney’s top surrogates saying he wished Obama “would learn to be an American.”

On a conference call with reporters, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu blasted Obama and his campaign, calling them a “bunch of liars.”

“I wish the president would learn how to be an American,” Sununu said, although he later backed away from his comment somewhat.

Romney campaign says Obama should “learn to be an American”

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Stumpin’ in the rain! “You know, this feels kind of good,” remarked President Obama, as he opened a speech in the pouring rain outside Richmond, Va yesterday, the congressional district of House Majority leader Eric Cantor.

[Source: AP]

It would be fun to see the same thing happen to Mitt Romney. “Oh look. It’s raining. I love the rain. I love it when it falls from the sky in like big wet plops, from the atmospheric, uh, changes in the atmosphere, with the warm front and the cold front like colliding to produce, um, the water vapor coalescing into, um, anyway I love the rain. I know people who make rain. Well make it rain, you know what I’m saying? Anyhow hello West Virginia. Hey, West Virginia is for lovers! Am I right?”




so seductive

this some shit out the notebook. watch my nigga barack take yo bitch

he could take me from anybody 

not even gonna lie 

great impression/s…


To hear the media report it, President Obama is proposing a tax increase on wealthy Americans. That’s misleading at best. He’s proposing that everyone receive a continuation of the Bush tax cuts on the first $250,000 of their incomes. Any dollars they earn in excess of…


Obama ‘bribes’ the press with cookies - (via brooklynmutt)

He is both right and wrong with this.

The photographers will attempt to eat all the cookies. But all journalists are shameless when it comes to food. Seriously. No shame whatsoever.

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President Obama stopped shaking hands for a moment today so that he could embrace a sobbing woman whose uninsured sister recently died of colon cancer.

And the Republican response.

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  1. To get President Obama’s birth certificate, which has already been released.
  2. For “Shenanigans” in Obama’s immigration policies.
  3. For not extending the Bush’s tax cuts for the ultra-rich.
  4. And of course: To stop President Obama from passing any new laws.

Read our full list of the top 10 reasons Republicans want to impeach Obama.


A young boy salutes President Obama after the President spoke at the NALEO Conference in Orlando (Pete Souza)

Cuteness abounds!