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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion ~every single day.
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SAVINGS AND LONE   A lone Occupy Wall Street protester sat in front of Federal Hall, across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, in New York Friday. (Photo: Brendan McDermid / Reuters via the Wall Street Journal)

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A Guy Fawkes mask is attached to the Justice fountain during the Blockupy protest in Frankfurt.  (Photo: Carsten Koall / Getty Images via The Telegraph)

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NYPD Loses OWS Trail After Video Evidence Proved They Made False Arrests



NYPD Loses OWS Trail After Video Evidence Proved They Made False Arrests

Hundreds have been arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests, but photographer Alexander Arbuckle’s case was the first to go to trial – and after just two days, the Manhattan Criminal Court found him not guilty.

Arbuckle was arrested on New Year’s Day for allegedly blocking traffic during a protest march. He was charged with disorderly conduct, and his arresting officer testified under oath that he, along with the protesters, was standing in the street, despite frequent requests from the police to move to the sidewalk

But things got a little embarrassing for the NYPD officer when the defense presented a video recording of the entire event, made by well-known journalist Tim Pool.

Pool’s footage clearly shows Arbuckle, along with all the other protesters, standing on the sidewalk. In fact, the only people blocking traffic were the police officers themselves.

His lawyers said the video proving that testimony false is what swayed the judge, and the verdict a clear indication that the NYPD was over-policing the protests.

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Gotta watch this again to get psyched for May Day!

Talib Kweli “Distractions” Music Video (by talibkweli)

Some exciting #Occupy Movement Poster Designs #ows


Some exciting Occupy Movement Poster Designs

from left to right

See more HERE

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#OWS #BookBombTucson


Flyer for the #ows  People’s Library.  By me and John Leavitt

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#OWS via alternetows



So tell me my friends, where do most of you fall on this diagram? Ha ha 


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#ows #occupy everything


Occupy Everything

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#ows tech support…

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Wall Street, the real victims … via #Bloomberg


Wall Street, the real victims

This Bloomberg article by Max Abelson is bursting at the seams with outrageous quotes from high-profile Wall Street executives responding to attacks on the wealthiest 1%:

  • “Who gives a crap about some imbecile? Are you kidding me?” - Bernard Marcus, Home Depot co-founder, on Occupy protesters
  • “It still feels lonely, but the chorus is definitely increased.” - John Allison, BB&T Corp. director
  • “Instead of an attack on the 1 percent, let’s call it an attack on the very productive.” - John Allison
  • “I am a fat cat, I’m not ashamed. If you mean by fat cat that I’ve succeeded, yeah, then I’m a fat cat. I stand guilty of being a fat cat.” - Ken Langone, Home Depot co-founder
  • “You have to have skin in the game. I’m not saying how much people should do. But we should all be part of the system.” - Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone CEO, on low-income households not paying income taxes
  • “If I hear a politician use the term ‘paying your fair share’ one more time, I’m going to vomit.” - Tom Golisano, billionaire and founder of Paychex

And my absolute favorite…

  • “You’ll get more out of me if you treat me with respect.” - Leon Cooperman, billionaire and former CEO of Goldman Sachs’s money-management unit
#OWS Invests In Unmanned Surveillance Drone Dubbed The ‘Occucopter’



OWS Invests In Unmanned Surveillance Drone Dubbed The ‘Occucopter’

For years we’ve seen images of the military’s unmanned aerial vehicles aiding soldiers in combat zones, and their evolution from surveillance tools to the heavily weaponized Predator drones. Now, the Guardian reports, Occupy Wall Street livestreamer Tim Pool hopes to use that technology as an additional set of eyes on the police department.

Tim Pool, an Occupy Wall Street protester, has acquired a Parrot AR drone he amusingly calls the “occucopter”. It is a lightweight four-rotor helicopter that you can buy cheaply on Amazon and control with your iPhone. It has an onboard camera so that you can view everything on your phone that it points at. Pool has modified the software to stream live video to the internet so that we can watch the action as it unfolds. [more]

(images courtesy of Time/iPhoneZA/GeekAlerts)

Wow, Occupy just stepped up its game. Be sure to read Manic, Chill’s full piece.