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Create your badge Matilda's World, And it's sad that on the day most of us learn that Steve Jobs is the son of a Syrian, the United Nations releases a report that says more than 2,900 Syrians have died in protests there. As one person on Twitter put it, "Steve Jobs = Great argument for a free #Syria."

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Oh, for fucks sake. 

The ancestors of the man who made your favourite overpriced shiny hipster toys came from Syria, so now you want make it just like Williamsburg.

As we say in Mr Feastingonroadkill’s neck of the woods: “Knobheads”

[Tetchy liberal boy with a typewriter writes]

I assume you’re calling the person who Tweeted that “Great argument for a free #Syria” remark a “knobhead,” since as you know, I’ve neither declared any Apple product my “favourite overpriced shiny hipster toys” nor do I hail from Williamsburg.  Although I have been called a “hipster,” you knobhead.

you assume correctly. My comments were aimed at crass tweet of the day - not at my no 1 source for the cutting and pasting of the American news media.

 Three hours back on tumblr and a flame war! Fuckyeah! Bring it on!!

THERE IS NO FLAME WAR!!!  Ask mabel.  I swear.  :-)

S. Jobs was a Syrian? did Syria knew that? …or is this one of those made up stories to spin a legend or to build a cult around that guy….oh, wait…apropos: cult! i heard another rumor: underpaid Asian workers, union-less, they worked 10-12hrs., per day until they dropped dead—-they gave their life so that the rich white-man-ruled countries could sell iphones, pads, pods, slots…or whatever. I heard S. Jobs was a billionaire …he made all ‘his’ ideas / patents ‘work’, into shiny products the people love…it was all ‘his’ ideas, all that techy-betchy-fletchy stuff….and yes, I heard more rumors that he was a good thief, too. —-and those who tried to sue him…lost before they even set a foot in a court room….yep, poor people——are & stay nameless.

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  5. selchieproductions said: facepalm 2000. He was a business man, not a prophet or demi-god. All the anon hate I got tonight because of the fact that I suggested that people stopped pretending like Apple was God’s own company and Jobs’ death equalled Jesus’ death …
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  7. tuleep said: western media lies about the reality of what’s happening in syria. for example:…
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    S. Jobs was a Syrian? did Syria knew that? …or is this one of those made up stories to spin a legend or to build a cult...
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    Not quite sure what this has to do with me, but never mind. AND welcome back, Feasty, Knobhead :-)
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    you have to look at that though. it’s reaching. because was his father a syrian? was he born in syria? what makes him...
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